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on July 23, 2018
Fast paced, very readable with interesting, well developed characters. Bonus – the protagonist is Canadian, former military turned CSIS agent working with US homeland security to thwart a plot that unfolds in and around our backyards (western Canada). If you like sexy, “race against the clock to stop bad guys”-type thrillers but wish it was a Canadian kicking ass saving the day as opposed to being poked fun at for our niceness, then this is a book for you.

Margaret rated “The Mica”  5 stars on

it was amazing”
I truly enjoyed this book so much so i could not put it down and had to order the next two so i can get them read as well.

Hannah rated “The Mica ” 5.0 out of 5 stars on

“I would highly recommend if you are looking for an exciting thriller/espionage novel!”
June 26, 2018
Format: Paperback
This was a thrilling novel that was hard to put down. The plot development was fast paced and I enjoyed how the perspective switched back and forth from the terrorists and the authorities, really giving insight into what they were experiencing. I appreciated the research that went into the dam and how it was incorporated into the story so naturally. I especially enjoyed reading about Zack Starr and watching his character unfold through the twists and turns of the story. The romance aspect was a nice slow build and it was enjoyable to watch it unfold.
I would highly recommend if you are looking for an exciting thriller/espionage novel!
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by Lisa Edwards on Blank Product Name
The Mica

Couldn't put it down! Great character development, fast paced action and no loose strands at the end! I read a ton of mystery and this ranks right up there.

by steve clabuesch on Blank Product Name

Thoroughly entertaining - one of those reads where you know you should stop (to go to bed) but just need to read the next chapter to see what is going to happen. A great escape from the toils of your day. I'm going to read the other two books in the series - and will be sad that there aren't more. Keep writing Darwin!!!

by Danny Osborne on Blank Product Name
The Mica: Tight, Engaging Read : 5 Stars from Me

Tight, face-paced novel that held my interest from start to end. Got engaged with the characters early. Shorter sentences and chapters always seem to work for me and this book delivers on that preference. Truly hard to believe that this book is this author's first novel. It is structured and written as if a seasoned novelist had written it. I will, unhesitatingly, be ordering the other books involving these likeable characters from this author.