This series of three novels has the same protagonist (Zack Starr). The novels can be read independently of each other as Zack does not refer to events between each of the stories. However, Zack’s character develops throughout the course of the three novels so there might be more continuity by reading them in the following order; The Mica, The God Particle and Vostok.


About the Main Character  

Zack Starr  has some personal issues he is working through. He has had a few career changes and struggles with some past trauma associated with those career choices. He also can’t seem to find a woman that wants to have a long-term relationship.  His father is a strong balancing force in his life and provides astute insight or some times ridicule in order to guide his son along life’s path.

Zack had a short career in the Canadian military and then moves to a position with the Canadian Government as a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agent. The first novel picks up his life at this point (The Mica). The second novel picks up after another career change where he is now working as a self-employed detective (The God Particle). The third novel (Vostok) has Zack continuing his career, now as an established self-employed detective. Each novel is themed around a different interesting place on earth that may not be widely known about by the general public.